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Contemporary Design

Santa Mónica Beach Resort & Spa is an integrated resort providing all of the services required by holidaymakers and holiday-home owners.

To create a natural 'inside-out' lifestyle, clever use has been made of large window openings positioned to makefull use of the natural winds on the island, providing a balanced air flow throughout each property, minimising the need to use mechanical cooling systems.

Five Star Services

As a globally recognised, award-winning spa operator, ESPA work with world-renowned architects and designers to create environments that provide the ultimate in indulgence and relaxation.

You will be able to enjoy a unique spa setting with access to the full range of ESPA products.

Stunning Views

Until recently, Cape Verde's unrivalled beauty has remained largely unknown to the outside world. But with the charm of its colonial towns and spectacular natural landscapes, the islands couldn't stay a secret for ever. Today, a rapidly growing number of tourists and investors are heading to make the most of Cape Verde's promise. View stunning photos of Cape Verde


Recreational diving in the area is phenomenal given the multitude of wrecks and reefs dotted around Boa Vista's shoreline. For the more experienced diver, the open waters are well known for their abundance of pelagic fish. Big game fishing is also popular. Conditions are perfect for surfing and windsurfing and Cape Verde frequently plays host to surfing international events.

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